by GrizzlyBearMC at 11:54 AM
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Hey Everyone!

I’m here to inform you as to what’s happening with Universe Network. No we have not abandoned you. We have just been extremely busy working on exciting features! Our owner had taken time off so that’s why we were gone for a while. But things are currently look up and we are going full speed!

We will keep you updated on what’s happening over the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!
by Vulcan at 1:06 PM
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Hello everyone

You probably already saw it but we have a brand new website design.
We hired one of the best web designers in the community to make this amazing forum theme. We also implanted a custom ban page, rebranded our stat theme, a new vote page and so on.
Stat page: (example:
Vote page:
Ban page:
Store: coming soon
by paulredmk at 2:18 PM
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Hey player's of UniverseNetwork you may have noticed that there has not been many updates recently, well this is because we are working on a total revamp of the network plus adding new features in the near future so please be patient it will all be worth the wait.
by Vulcan at 12:42 PM
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Today we celebrate the release of our new hub!!!
We also added Gadgets and a player toggle to your hotbar feel free to play with the gadgets and let us know if there's anything you would like to see added to the hub!
by Vulcan at 6:53 PM
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Hello Players!
We have a very important announcement for you! If you didn't know already Universe Network Prison 2.0 has been released!

Our prison server is filled to the brim of features. Ill be covering as many as I possibly can and also some upcoming ones (exciting). Note: This will not cover every single detail about prison features, that will be for @cheesemuffin13 to do on the wiki

We offer backpacks which will help you to carry all of your blocks that you break using your mighty pickaxe! You can get 5 different types of backpacks, all with different values or slots. The more slots, the more space in your backpack. We have 9 slot(Stone), 18 slot (Iron), 27 slot (Gold) and 45 slot (Obsidian). Backpacks can be found in crates like vote, legendary, daily and in lucky blocks.

Tokens can be collected from voting, crates, player shops, luckyblocks and of course, our online store! Tokens are used to enchant your pickaxe and make it...
by GrizzlyBearMC at 11:48 AM
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Hello Players! Today we are here for the first staff update! This will include staff applications that get accepted, promoted staff and also sadly, demoted staff.

First off with the Players being accepted!
Player @Blanqe -> Helper
Player @Lei -> Helper
Player @TBNRSenpaii -> Helper
Player @TheUnknownWarrior -> Helper
Player @ModdedAshes -> Helper
More to be added :D

Could the above players please contact me or @Vulcan via PM and we will talk to you from there :D

Staff Promotions:
Helper @cheesemuffin13 -> Moderator
Helper @Mr_Birdie0 -> Moderator
Helper @Blanqe -> Moderator :blanqe:
Moderator @paulredmk -> Admin
Senior Mod @GrizzlyBearMC -> Admin :grizzlybearmc:

Staff Demotions:
Helper @JacobsaurusYT -> Player
by GrizzlyBearMC at 4:03 PM
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Hey everyone,
Just thought I would let you know prison will be coming out in a few days (If you didn't already know) and I'm very excited! Hopefully you are too! Prison will release around about 6PM EST (More times below) on Friday at the latest. I don't want to spoil anything until we release. Anyway, seeya soon :D


Hey! Who put those spoilers there -_-. Wait wait wait! Don't click it! Ah, too late, you clicked it didn't you? If you didn't, click it anyway and who ever took those photos did a good job.

More times:
Dont worry about that! Prison is releasing very soon!

And yes, I did spend alot of time on that.
by Vulcan at 12:18 AM
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Hey guys,
Today is the day that we add rankups to Skyblock. There are 3 ranks for now SkyMaster SkyKing and SkyLegend. You can get them using runes. You earn runes by completing Quests (/quests).
Each time you rankup your island will expand by 5 blocks. You will also get a new tag and a tag create each time you rankup. So let the cometition begin :).
Other changes:
- Bug fixes
- Spawners work like they should again
- New shop plugin coming soon
by Vulcan at 2:17 PM
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Hello Players!
It's officially time to announce the new Skyblock! But first we will talk about what is happening with the Old Skyblock.

Old Skyblock:
The Old Skyblock will now be completely unsupported and will not receive any updates or changes. It will not be deleted and it will still be moderated. Also, to get the old skyblock, simply do /oldskyblock and the Old Skyblock will no longer be in the compass, instead only the New Skyblock will.

New Skyblock (Skyblock 2.0):
When joining the New and Improved Skyblock you will get a new crates called the "OG Crate". This crate will give you a massive head start when first joining. Ranging from spawners, to millions of dollars, tag, generators and more awesome things! New Skyblock will continue to receive updates and bug fixes and it looks even cooler than Old Skyblock! Brand new spawn, a new quest plugin and heaps of awesome stuff piled into one! The official bug fix and feature list is below.
New features:
- Added GUI shop (/shop)
by Vulcan at 3:43 PM
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Hey guys,
I decided to not reset skyblock but create a new Skyblock server.
Meaning if you click Skyblock you will be sent to the new skyblock server but if you do /oldskyblock you will still be sent to the old skyblock server.
The old skyblock server will no longer get support or won't recieve any updates.
On the release of Skyblock 2.0 the following things will change:
- MCMMO back (we worked hard on editing and recoding some parts of the MCMMO plugin and have a working 1.10 version)
- Spawner shop (We are coding a new system (gui based) to buy spawners with in game money.
- Quests (We are currently working on a quest plugin when you complete quests you get runes)
- Rankups you will be able to rankup using runes and with those runes you will get acces to something new.
- Bug fixes (Bug fixes)
- Shop price changes (The prices off seling farming items will increase)
- Release of OG create where you can get special and unique items in.
- New starter islands
- Tags in store. You will...
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