by Symonne at 11:39 PM
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Hello there dearies, I'm Symonne, the new Community Manager of UniverseNetwork and I'm thrilled to be here with you all.
So I'll introduce myself here and go over a few things you, the community can expect from me.

I'm 28, female, I love cats. I work online and offline. Well, not much about me really other than I'm hard working and you're all welcome to talk to me whenever you'd like, even if it's not about minecraft.

What you can expect from me:
I'll be handling the staff, promoting, demoting, mentoring and training some of the current staff to be the best staff they can be.

Now the part everyone likes, Giveaways.
To be conducted at least every two weeks, maybe once a week. Sometimes including the UniverseNetwork Twitter that is found here

The rewards will vary of course, it's a surprise! Just follow the Twitter and keep an eye on the forums for updates.

by Vulcan at 9:45 AM
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Hi guys,
Sorry about the server downtime yesterday but we switched to a dedicated server. So from now on we will be in control of everything and have better performance. You can join from both and now. The website speed is also improved! And we're working on the hub.
If you want to join skyblock run the command /server skyblock in the hub.
by Vulcan at 1:33 AM
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You probably already found out but we added some new awesome features to Skyblock!

List of new features:
- New Custom islands:
==> Please sent a big thanks @XxCutyCatxX for these amazing new islands

- Custom enchantments
=> You can now buy special enchantments using EXP do /enchant to buy books to enchant your tools and armor.
- Recoded the /buy page
- Added generators
- Improved our AntiCheat
by Vulcan at 8:08 PM
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Hello there,

Today we implemented something really cool to our forums! You can now connect your Minecraft account to your forum account.

How do I connect my account?
Click on your forum name in the top right corner then click on Minecraft association. [​IMG]
Now you will be brought to this page:[​IMG]
Enter your Minecraft username and click Next.
Now you need to choose a password and click next again. Then click on "Change my Minecraft skin"
Now login to your Minecraft page click on "Change" now you can close the page. Now your account is connected with your forum account.
by Vulcan at 2:07 PM
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Universe Network
Hi, First of all welcome to the universe Network forums!

Official servers list:

The first server on the list is Skyblock. We added custom islands and a really unique experience and a few custom plugins.
OP prison
Our prison server contains 26 unique mines in the style of apocalypse. It will have tons of unique features such boosters, custom enchantments, custom token plugin, custom backpack plugin (never seen before), pets, and a lot more. 70% of the server is custom coded by our developers.
100% custom. This server runs on only 1 core plugin and is the most custom/unique game we have. It's never seen before anywhere else and we want to keep this private untill release. But it will be a fun PvP game for sure!
- Economy
by Vulcan at 1:46 PM
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Hello guys,
First of all Merry Christmas! To celebrate Christmas we decided to launch a new store and a 90% off sale for a short time! We also have a holiday package where you can get unique perks and items in wish are only obtainable right now! For example on prison you can get /autosell and win emotes in the holiday crate and access to a very unique set of particles (/trails). On skyblock you will receive access to /sellallchest [radius] and the same unique particles as you'll get on prison!!
Enjoy the holidays!!
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