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    Hello Players!
    We have a very important announcement for you! If you didn't know already Universe Network Prison 2.0 has been released!

    Our prison server is filled to the brim of features. Ill be covering as many as I possibly can and also some upcoming ones (exciting). Note: This will not cover every single detail about prison features, that will be for @cheesemuffin13 to do on the wiki

    We offer backpacks which will help you to carry all of your blocks that you break using your mighty pickaxe! You can get 5 different types of backpacks, all with different values or slots. The more slots, the more space in your backpack. We have 9 slot(Stone), 18 slot (Iron), 27 slot (Gold) and 45 slot (Obsidian). Backpacks can be found in crates like vote, legendary, daily and in lucky blocks.

    Tokens can be collected from voting, crates, player shops, luckyblocks and of course, our online store! Tokens are used to enchant your pickaxe and make it better for mining.

    Pickaxe Enchants:
    Using /enchant you are able to enchant and upgrade your pickaxe using tokens. We have 10 custom enchants. Unbreaking (Max level: 750), Fortune (Max level: 750), Efficiency (Max level: 750), Haste (Max level: 3), Explosion (Max level: 750), The Flash (Max level: 4), Hellfire (Max level: 4), Sunshine (Max level: 15), Luck (Max level: 10) and Token Luck (Max level: 10). More detail about these enchants can be found on the wiki.

    In prison (along with ranks) you will find 40 different mines across the server. These mines are for whatever rank you are. The mines are where you mine blocks and sell them for money. You can get to your mine by doing /warp (mine) . The blocks in your mine changes depending on what rank you get. As you get higher in ranks, you get different blocks to sell.

    Your rank on prison is different to the ranks you buy on our online store (Immigrant, Speaker, Chief, Governor, President). They help you progress through prison. The aim is to get to the highest rank, Galaxy and then do something called prestiging. Pretty much, we you prestige (You must be Galaxy rank) you get a tag, and reset your rank. You will also notice the [P0] next to your name will change to [P1] and as you prestige that number gets highers. Every time you rankup using /rankup you get a rankup crate which you get tokens from and also, you will unlock a new mine which means you can sell your blocks for more money. If you are A mine and rankup, your rank will be changed to B and you can do /warp b.

    You can now also create Gangs to hold PvP battles against other gangs. You can invite players to your Gang and give them a rank within the Gang. We are still working on adding much more features to Gangs.

    We have a PVP arena in our spawn where you can go to obviously PVP. We have updated our anti cheat and now, you actually get combat tagged and fly and god mode get disabled when you enter the arena.

    Lucky Blocks are a very special feature on our server. We have two types of Lucky Blocks. Normal Lucky Blocks and Super Lucky Blocks. From Normal Lucky Blocks, you can get tokens, backpacks, random animals flying around you, money and more stuff will be added! Super Lucky Blocks are for donors only and are much better than Normal Lucky Blocks. They contain a lot more tokens, money and special items

    Plots are areas in our prison sever where you can go to build a house, shop or whatever you want! To get to the plot area you do /warp plot. Then from there you can get your plot using /plot auto.

    Bug fixes:
    - God has been disabled in PvP
    - Fly has been disabled in PvP
    - Kit dupe fix has been patched
    - Shop has been improved
    - /vote has been fixed
    - Donor mines now 100% work
    - Fixed a few connection issues
    - Hellfire fixed

    In Progress:
    - Adding Custom PvP (being coded)
    - Adding Plot mines (being coded)
    - Adding more leaderboards
    - Adding daily rewards
    - ? (Suggest us things)

    Universe Staff team,
    Big thanks to @GrizzlyBearMC for writing this post.
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    #1st Anyways, thanks Vulcan and the amazing staff team who continuously bring us new and updated features/gamemodes.
    P.S Prison is amazing~
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    Wiki is still WIP, but there is some good info in there currently. Check it out :)
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    The Best Prison Server i ever played!!
    The only thing is that we lost the stuff we bought before the update :D

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