Skyblock 2.0 Released

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Vulcan, Sep 14, 2016.

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    Hello Players!
    It's officially time to announce the new Skyblock! But first we will talk about what is happening with the Old Skyblock.

    Old Skyblock:
    The Old Skyblock will now be completely unsupported and will not receive any updates or changes. It will not be deleted and it will still be moderated. Also, to get the old skyblock, simply do /oldskyblock and the Old Skyblock will no longer be in the compass, instead only the New Skyblock will.

    New Skyblock (Skyblock 2.0):
    When joining the New and Improved Skyblock you will get a new crates called the "OG Crate". This crate will give you a massive head start when first joining. Ranging from spawners, to millions of dollars, tag, generators and more awesome things! New Skyblock will continue to receive updates and bug fixes and it looks even cooler than Old Skyblock! Brand new spawn, a new quest plugin and heaps of awesome stuff piled into one! The official bug fix and feature list is below.
    New features:
    - Added GUI shop (/shop)
    - Quests (/quest)
    - /rankup (Coming within 24 hours)
    - Bigger islands
    - New islands
    - New Crate OG crate (3 free crates on first join (only first 10 days))
    - Donors can mine spawners again without silktouch
    - Spawner shop
    - Even more custom plugins
    - Brand new spawn
    Bugs fixed:
    - Dupe fixed (spawners)
    - Vote bug
    - Space issues
    - Anticheat fixes
    - No longer kicked for regenerating to fast
    - Fixed Holograms
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    good to be back
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    Yay!!! If you need a Island PM me in game or in the forum.

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